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We are fascinated by how visual and acoustic sensations can influence each other, coming together to form a previously obscured world of experience. Particularly, we have discovered a passion for exploring the interplay between moving images and music. Working with an awareness of the immanent tensions between these aesthetic phenomena allows us to capture emotions and levels of meaning that might not even be perceptible otherwise. By continuously investigating the realm of opportunity where seamless contact between sound and image becomes possible, we intend to develop music that does the underlying vision behind visual art justice. Our goal with every project is to help make something that tells its own unique story and does so comprehensively, maximizing its artistic potential.

Our vision

Our way of doing this is to create music that specifically emphasizes the visual and is both musically interesting and stylistically capable of being its perfect counterpart. This means taking images and visual flow seriously. Sometimes, for example, less is more: music should work together with a scene, not overwhelm it. Consequently, our music is not about showing off our talents but achieving a fusion with the visual material that supports the final product. To achieve this kind of aesthetic unity, we consider any and all musical styles to be worth mobilizing.

Our approach

We have discovered that our team’s unique set of musical skills, from composition to final sound design and every step along the way, has allowed us to maintain high quality standards and overcome other obstacles associated with individual music production. We are confident in being able to provide sincere, well-crafted, intelligent, diversified and emotionally touching music for your visions on screen. In our style of production, we generally use acoustic instruments and unite them with electronic elements. However, our audio palette extends as far as is required to create the appropriate fusion between visuals and music.

Working with us

We choose the films and videos we work on very carefully. To be right for us - and for us to be right for it - the visual material must resonate with us in some way. Our work is first and foremost a labour of passion. We expect no less from the people we work with.

Accordingly, we seek active engagement with our creative partners on any and all projects. We respect your vision and strive to complete it - not to ignore it. Your input is key in helping us create music that is more than random accompaniment, music that is right for becoming an integral part of the story you want to tell. We offer you true collaboration in this regard, ensuring that viewers experience your work the way you meant it to be experienced.


Recent Works


Kino Pravda No. 13

Silent MovieProjekt zeigen

Soundtrack for the Film "Kino-Pravda Nr.13" (1922)
Director: Dziga Vertov
Composed in behalf of ARTE/ZDF - 2017

Picture: Deutsches Filminstitut-DIF e.V(Filmstill)


Fashion FilmProjekt zeigen

Concept, Direction, Styling & Edit: Maren Langer - 2017
Camera: Marcus Lauterbach
Music & Sound: Stimmer & Vötterl
Fashion: Momme Ries
Hair/MakeUp: Annika Jeck
Talent: Sophie Bogdan


Gin Soda Rum

Director: Raphaela Schmid - 2017



Short DocumentaryProjekt zeigen

Director: Marie-Thérèse Zumtobel - 2017


Nach Saison

Short DocumentaryProjekt zeigen

Director: Raphaela Schmid - 2016
Festival: Filmnacht Linz 2017 "Junges Kino aus Österreich"

"Das Bild eines Förderbands rahmt den Kurzdokumentarfilm, der von drei Saisonarbeitern erzählt, die als Gemüseverpacker eingesetzt werden. Tagsüber am Fließband schuften, nachts im Mehrbettzimmer schlafen, und die Familie ist ganz woanders. Ein gewöhnliches Arbeitsleben mitten in Europa."
(Quelle: http://www.cinemanext.at/film/nach-saison,19.4.17)

Förderpreis "Arbeitswelten" der AK Salzburg 2017


Ein Passagier

Director: Sebastian Husak - 2016

Handicap Integrativ

Director: Alexandra Kaufmann - 2016



Director: Friederike Güssefeld - 2016
Festivals: hof international film festival 2016, Landshuter Kurzfilm Festival 2017 Winner of BMW Grand Prix,
DEA Film Festival, Saranda, 2017,
Winner best Student Short of the Point July 2017
Västerås Film Festival 2017,
VIS Vienna Shorts Festival 2017
Interfilm Berlin 2017, KFFK Kurzfilmfestival Köln 2017

"Im Süden Brandenburgs bereitet sich ein kleines Dorf auf die Jugendweihe vor. Kinder werden zu Erwachsenen, das soll gefeiert werden. Doch Kais Vater will nicht feiern, er will seine Ruhe. Mit der Angst im Rücken, dass noch alles schief gehen könnte, jagt Kai durch die Trägheit des Dorfes."
(Quelle: http://www.landshuter-kurzfilmfestival.de/programm/kurzfilmwettbewerb/kurzfilmwettbewerb-9/kai/, April 2017)



Short ThrillerProjekt zeigen

Director: Raphaela Schmid - 2016
Festival: Crossing Europe 2016

ACR 2016 Berlin

Research FilmProjekt zeigen

Director: Karina Isaak, Elena Dinkevych - 2016
Research Film to the Study: "Further Away = higher willingness to pay?"
Award: ACR 2016 Peoples Choice Award

Rosinante's Sisters

Director: Alexandra Kaufmann - 2015
Teaser for the Crowdfunding Campagne for the Documentary "Rosinante's Sisters"



Short DocumentaryProjekt zeigen

Director: Sylvain Cruiziat - 2015
Festival: Landshuter Kurzfilm Festival 2016

SONY Xperia T3

Director: Benjamin Kaufmann - 2014

Eyes Wide

Experimental VideoProjekt zeigen

Director: Benjamin Kaufmann - 2014

Enzo Grassetti

CommercialProjekt zeigen

Director: Benjamin Kaufmann - 2014

Kaffeerösterei Dinzler

Trainee Promotion Spot Projekt zeigen

Director: Benjamin Kaufmann - 2014

Being You Being Me

Documentary Projekt zeigen

Director: Alexandra Kaufmann - 2013
Festivals: Dok.Fest 2013, Festival dei Popoli 2013, Minsk International Film Festival 2013, PerSo Film Festival 2015
Award: 1st-2nd Documentary Film Competition Minsk International Film Festival Best Award


Since 2012 Constantin Stimmer and Sebastian Vötterl have worked as a Team of Film Composers.
Constantin Stimmer
Constantin Stimmer
He graduated in Composition and Music Theory at the Mozarteum Salzburg. In 2016 he finished his Master's degree in Historical and Contemporary Compositional Technique at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music, Berlin. He is a Composer, Arranger and Lecturer for Music Theory.
Sebastian Vötterl
Sebastian Vötterl
After a Diploma in Tonmeister at the Unversity for Music and performing Arts graduating as Magister artium his work consists of being a Vienna based, freelance Tonmeister and Front of House Engineer.



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